Established by the corporate and foundation communities in 1984, BPE's mission is to drive exceptional outcomes for all students by developing great teachers and great schools. For three decades, BPE (formerly the Boston Plan for Excellence) has devised solutions to the toughest challenges faced by Boston’s students and teachers by weaving together expertise in teacher training and school development. BPE has prepared over 500 teachers for Boston's public schools through the nationally recognized and replicated Boston Teacher Residency program. Today, BPE is redesigning schooling for students and teachers by creating neighborhood-based Teaching Academies, schools which provide a world-class education for all students while preparing outstanding new teachers for the Boston Public Schools. Led by a volunteer board of trustees, BPE also organizes and hosts the Principal Partners event each fall with Bank of America and the Boston Public Schools.

27-43 Wormwood Street, Suite 110
Boston, MA 02210

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For local information about the Fund for Teachers grant process, contact Dottie Engler at
617-275-0709 or dengler@bpe.org.