Chicago Foundation for Education

Founded in 1985 by Joyce Rumsfeld and a small group of concerned, active citizens, the Chicago Foundation for Education (CFE) has invested 35 years in educators to improve and enhance the academic, social, and emotional experiences of Chicago’s PreK-12th public students. CFE works closely with educators and the CPS district to align its core initiatives with school- and district-wide priorities, and ensure that our programming directly reflects the needs of the student and educator populations. In addition to honoring exceptional instruction, CFE programs nurture the growth and development of educators at every stage of their careers. Our programs play a pivotal role in enhancing student achievement by creating authentic peer networks that aim to develop the leadership skills and instructional capacities of Chicago's public educators.

Chicago Foundation for Education
641 W. Lake Street, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60661

312-670-2323 (main office)
312-670-2033 (program office)

For local information on the Fund for Teachers grant process, contact the Chicago Foundation for Education at 312-670-2323 or