Los Angeles Education Partnership

The Los Angeles Education Partnership mission is to work as a collaborative partner in high-poverty communities to foster great schools that support the personal and academic success of children and youth from birth through high school. LAEP is an innovative leader in school transformation, known for proven, effective programs and collaboration that is responsive to student needs. They focus, from birth through high school, is to produce college- and career-ready graduates. LAEP works in high-poverty, multicultural communities across Los Angeles County, from the northeast San Fernando Valley to East and South Los Angeles. Each year, LAEP serve more than 1,000 educators and 39,000 students plus their families in underserved communities across Los Angeles County.

202 West 1st, Suite 6-0410
Los Angeles, CA 90012



For local information on the Fund for Teachers grant process, contact Christina Nguyen at
213-622-5237 Ext. 232 or cnguyen@laep.org.