The Dalio Foundation

The Dalio Foundation's giving reflects the diverse philanthropic passions of the Dalio family. Barbara Dalio leads the Foundation's work to strengthen public education in Connecticut. She is passionate about engaging with educators, community leaders, and young people to build meaningful relationships and design solutions to achieve greater equity and prosperity across the state. Since 2015, the Dalio Foundation has invested more than $2.8 million in Fund For Teachers to support and celebrate Connecticut public school teachers. By collaborating with educators, administrators, union leaders, state education leaders, and community stakeholders, the Dalio Foundation and Fund for Teachers have enabled nearly 350 teachers to pursue self-designed professional learning fellowships. These passionate and dedicated teachers represent more than 150 schools and 70 school districts in Connecticut; and collectively serve over 16,000 students in the state’s K-12 education system. The Dalio Foundation is thrilled to partner with and learn from these incredible innovators and leaders.

For local information on the Fund for Teachers grant process, contact Stephanie Ascherl at Fund for Teachers at 346-258-6201 or