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Technology Teacher

Technology Teacher Karen North has won a $3,300 Fund for Teachers Grant to attend the National AP Conference in Florida where she will be presenting her paper on “Supporting Girls in Computer Science by Programming with Graphics.” She will also be attending a LOGO Robotic Programming workshop in Colorado with the grant funds.

The HISD Foundation has awarded 60 HISD teachers more than $192,000 in grants from the Houston-based Fund for Teachers program. One of our tech teachers, Karen North is a recipient of this Fund for Teachers grant. The Fund for Teachers is a national nonprofit organization that bestows professional – and personal – development grants annually to teachers of grades kindergarten through 12 in Houston and other cities. Karen and other teachers were honored at an awards presentation and reception on Tuesday, April 6, at 4:00 p.m. in the Hattie Mae White Administration Building.

The initiatives approved by the Fund for Teachers include Spanish language and literature programs, university and museum science and math programs, marine biology workshops, computer and Advanced Placement conferences, a university reading and writing institute, and the study of early-child instruction strategies. The grants, which range in size from $1,296 to the maximum of $5,000, will fund summer enrichment projects that will improve the teachers’ knowledge and instructional skills and enhance their classroom teaching for years to come.

Mrs. North received a $3,300 grant to attend the National AP Conference held at Disney World in Florida. She will be presenting her paper on Supporting Girls in CS by Programming with Graphics. She also received funds to attend a Logo robotic programming workshop in Colorado. She plans to use this knowledge in the development of a small school focusing on programming www.witschool.org and in her Technology Systems class. Karen is developing a combination Algebra 1 / Tech Systems class to increase algebraic computation skills using programming. If you have any questions, you can email her at knorth@houstonisd.org.