Teachers Innovate with Self-Designed Grants

Fund for Teachers awards 546 teachers $2.1 million to design relevant learning

April 6 (HOUSTON) – Fund for Teachers, one of the nation’s largest investors in teacher learning and leadership, has awarded $2.1 million to 546 preK-12 teachers from across the country for self-designed fellowships to support student success, enrich their practice and strengthen their schools and communities.

Unique to this grant opportunity, teachers submit projects and destinations they believe best address specific achievement gaps – theirs and/or their students. Since 2001, more than 7,400 preK-12 teachers have leveraged
$27.5 million in Fund for Teachers grants into relevant learning for students and best practices for peers.

This year, grant recipients designed summer learning experiences spanning six continents and ranging from STEAM to language/cultural immersion to socio-emotional learning. Grant recipients’ most common fellowship destination is North America; themes include immigration, storytelling and social justice. A complete list of Fellows is available at fundforteachers.org.

“This fellowship changed the way I think about being a scientist; which in turn, changed the way I think about educating my students to become scientists,” said Kristin Knight Burrus, teacher at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. “Collaborating with professionals in various STEM fields during our fellowship provided a perspective that cannot be learned in books.” Last summer with colleague Janie Fossett, Kristin explored the geology, engineering and architecture associated with San Francisco’s “safe buildings” to develop a cross-curricular, multi-grade student exhibit involving students in middle school science, high school geometry and a peer mentor program.

“Teachers who model a passion for life-long learning inspire the same in their students,” said Karen Webb, Fund for Teachers’ executive director. “The experiences, skills and knowledge gained by Fund for Teachers Fellows influence students’ education and achievements. The ripple effect of one fellowship can impact students and school communities for decades.”

Teachers may begin applying for 2018 Fund for Teachers grant on the organization’s website beginning October 1, 2017. For more information, visit fundforteachers.org or fundforteachers.tumblr.com.