CPAs Helping Schools (CHS) Launches New Joint Venture

Tonja Rodriguez

In an effort to optimize our impact on the educational community supported by the Houston CPA Society members, CHS has partnered with Fund for Teachers to award a $5,000 training scholarship to a local teacher focused in the area of accounting or mathematics.

Fund for Teachers is a Houston based nonprofit organization that provides grants directly to teachers to support their professional learning. Grants are awarded to teachers working with students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Teachers submit proposals detailing how their fellowship will make them a better teacher and how their improved skills are to be implemented in the classroom, benefiting students, curricula and school. Recipients are selected based on application quality and merit as judged by a committee.

The Houston CHS grant will be awarded in March 2008 to a teacher working in a public or private school located in the geographic area covered by the Houston CPA Society (13 counties). This partnership gives the Houston CPA Society exposure to far more teachers than the individual members of our committee can reach. CHS is pleased to have the opportunity to impact the educators in our community in this unique way.