Bridging the Gap

A one-minute motion graphic video depicting how educators use Fund for Teachers grants to bridge learning gaps, inspire students and change the world.

The Power of a Fellowship

The power of a Fund for Teachers Fellowship:

  • "A pebble dropped into the water of my life and career."
  • "A spark that ignited a larger fire and changed the way I teach."
  • "It helped me create an exciting program - something I was passionate about and the kids could be excited about."
  • "It revolutionized my teaching and my classroom."
  • "It's truly become a community thing where everybody comes together for the greater good."

Fund for Teachers creates energy in the educational system - changing careers, classrooms and school communities, watch how:

Teachers contributing to this video include:

Donna Gradel, Broken Arrow High School (Broken Arrow, OK) established relationships with multiple schools in Meru, Kenya, to develop an interactive partnership empowering Oklahoma students to realize that, with proper education, they can solve many of the world’s enormous problems one step at a time.

Kevin Denton, Polaris Expeditionary Learning School (Fort Collins, CO) observed micro lending, well water and poverty initiatives in Rwanda to create a math and economics unit that demonstrates the meaningful role math can play in solving real world problems.

Matt Strand, Polaris Expeditionary Learning School (Fort Collins, CO) conducted reef dives and coral restoration of endangered reefs in the Florida Keys to apply biodiversity, symbiosis, and ecology themes to writing lessons and explore these metaphors for each individual’s unique role in contributing to a healthy school culture and community.

Michael Thomas, Schmalz Elementary (Katy, TX) participated in the Musician's Institute's Contemporary College of Music summer program in Los Angeles, CA, to hone arrangement and digital recording skills and help students compose and record their original music.

Jalene Tamerat, (Quincy Upper School) and Sheggai Tamerat (O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science) Boston, MA observed a Model UN initiative at the Overseas Family School of Singapore, learning how to embed global issues into a curriculum that helps students tackle complex issues dealing with human rights, women, children, the environment, economic development, refugees, war and peace, through multiple lenses.

Tracy Warren, East Iberville High School (St. Gabriel, LA) attended the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship conference in Baltimore, Maryland to enhance curriculum and learn how to inspire students to become business owners.

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