The Blake School

Founded in 1900, The Blake School is an independent, coeducational, nonsectarian, college-preparatory day school (pre-K-12) with campuses in Minneapolis, Hopkins and Wayzata. Over 1,380 students attend Blake, coming from more than 55 Twin Cities' communities. 100 percent of Blake students go on to four-year colleges.

Blake provides a strong liberal arts education with a challenging curriculum that integrates academics, arts and athletics. The School is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment where risk-taking is encouraged, where effort is recognized and where there is room for everyone to succeed. Given Blake's steadfast belief that different perspectives are essential to an excellent educational experience, the School is committed to diversity in its many forms. Community involvement is expected of every student from the earliest grades.

At Blake, we recognize that over the course of a career, all teachers benefit from annual goal setting, reflection on their practice, peer observation and feedback, student and parent feedback, frequent conversations about teaching, professional development, and written administrative feedback. We have adopted and modified a variety of materials to help us focus our professional development resources on those aspects of teacher practice that research indicates correlate most highly to improved student learning. We recognize that teachers have different needs at various times in their professional lives and are proud that faculty members at Blake enjoy access to many different opportunities for professional development, core amongst them the Fund for Teachers grant program.

Blake Campus
Main Administrative Offices
110 Blake Road
Hopkins, MN 55343


For local information about the Fund for Teachers grant process, contact Alycia Johnston at 346-258-6204 or