Fund for Teachers is proudly sending 483 teachers from across the US on fellowships to 78 countries this summer, all inspired by their pursuit of ideas, terrains, and cultures.

Read about our fellow's journeys through their blogs. Check back often for updates and additional blogs.

Chris Dolgos, Rochester, NY

"Learning Lives Here": Traverse the UK with Chris as he researches the interaction of Romans, Britons and Picts at ancient Roman sites in Great Britain to understand how different cultures interacted and examine how public works projects from the Classical and Modern Eras have the potential to divide as well as unite people in a multicultural society.

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Elizabeth Post, Asheville, NC

"Historical Justice in Schools": Circumnavigate the island of Puerto Rico with Elizabeth as she interviews experts on and members of the Taino culture to present a less "euro-centric" view of social studies.

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Kelly Bolt & Jacqueline Bovit, Chicago, IL

"Color Me Morocco": Follow Kelly and Jacqueline as they traverse Morocco and its diverse communities, observing ways in which art binds together groups of people with various backgrounds, to learn new techniques through hands-on workshops in artist cooperatives that will inspire and diversify current art curriculum.

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Leah Juelke, Fargo, ND

"Ms. Juelke's Great African Adventure": Explore the culture, education system and socio-economic structures of East Africa with Leah, as she volunteers in a Tanzanian community and participates in a workshop with local educators to facilitate a narrative writing project and better serve the school's growing African refugee population.

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Carol Dale & Lisa Eulo, Cleveland, TN

Join Carol and Lisa as they conduct a site visit with a partner school in Burghausen, Germany, to collect research that prepares students for future exchange visits promoting global citizenry and collaboration.

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Lori Zalanowski, New York, NY

"Discovering Iceland": Follow along as Lori researches innovative ways that Iceland harnesses geothermal resources for sustainable and renewable energy to create interdisciplinary curricula on the biogeochemistry of geothermal energy, for chemistry, Earth science and AP environmental science students.

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Heather Temple & Jean Ramos, Port Chester, NY

"De Todo un Poco": Vamos a Cuba con Heather y Jean, as they examine multiple aspects of the country's history and art to broaden students' awareness and expand current repertoire of cultures explored within language classes serving a diverse population of Latino/Hispanic students.

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Courtney Money-McIntosh, Asheville, NC

"Traveling in the Shoes of a Language Learner": Aprende con Courtney (Learn with Courtney) as she participates in a language/cultural immersion program at Instituto Jovel in Tuxtla, Mexico, to enhance communications and relationships with ELL students and their Spanish-speaking families.

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