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Rita Baker, Dekalb County, GA

"The International Butterfly": Follow Rita as she studies the culture of Australia and its Maori people to broaden personal understanding of indigenous culture help students recognize the power of art to transcend and unify individuals despite cultural and geographical differences.

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Courtney Harper & Amber Moore, New Market, AL

"Teach Me Bridges": Join Courtney and Amber as they explore the design and history of twelve bridges in Portugal, Spain, France and Switzerland, and also observe teaching strategies at top European design universities and architectural firms, to develop a high-interest, project-based bridge unit focusing on STEAM integration and college/career readiness skills.

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Jane Hall, Saint Paul, MN

"Bhutan and Beyond": Explore Bhutan and Nepal this summer with Jane as she researches the political complexities, cultural background and educational experiences of the Lhotshampa people (Bhutanese refugees of Nepali origin) prior to their arrival in the Saint Paul Public Schools system to provide classroom instruction that is culturally-appropriate and relevant for this unique group of students.

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Kristen Holmes, Kansas City, KS

"Adventures from the Heartland to the Homeland": Follow Kristen as she researches at major European emigration ports the experiences of American immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries to encourage students’ exploration of their heritage and promote personal connections to history.

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Amanda Mizell, Tarpon Springs, FL

"The Salty Scientist": This summer, Amanda will collect evidence on global climate change's impact on diverse biomes of Australia to make Chemistry relevant to students while increasing their interest in the subject.

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